Nick Roth Music

Peer Gynt  (2013)

Rough Magic Theatre Company

Live score by Tarab commissioned by Dublin Theatre Festival 2013


Peer Gynt: The boy who never grew up, the escapologist extraordinaire.

Rough Magic, who stormed the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2012 with the remarkable Phaedra, has reunited with the author of their 2004 smash-hit Improbable Frequency, with this original new take on Ibsen’s epic study of delusion, self-evasion and wild imaginings.

Caught between his angel and his demon, haunted by the women he loved, lost and betrayed, and catapulted through a life built on fantasy, Peer Gynt is finally forced to face himself.

Fast, funny and told with Rough Magic’s trademark theatrical wit, this classic tale is reimagined in a spectacular and surreal interpretation with live music from the outstanding ensemble Tarab.