Nick Roth Music

Blues for Joy (2010)

for jazz orchestra


This work was composed for the Bushey and District Jazz Ensemble (Badje) to commemorate the 60th birthday of their pianist Joy Mendelsohn, who founded the group in 1980...and founded me in 1982.

As a baby I was brought into Badje rehearsals in a cot every Tuesday night, as a toddler I ran around in the corridors to the sounds of Ellington, Basie, Hefti and Niehaus, and at 9 years of age I joined the band to share the 2nd alto chair. This was my introduction to live music in so many ways, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and the education that it afforded me so graciously.

Writing this piece was a chance to say thank you to Badje for all of those hours of music, and most importantly to my mum for all of those years of joyous upbringing and artistic encouragement.