Nick Roth Music

Erotokritos (2011)


for two voices, soprano saxophone, trumpet, tuba, violin, cello, piano, electric guitar, electric bass, drums and electronics


Erotokritos (Ερωτόκριτος) is a setting of the melody sung to accompany the recitation of the great Cretan epic, written by Vikentios Kornaros (1553-1617) and still heard all over the island today. Curiously, this melody is played by musicians from all villages of Crete with the exception of the village of Sitia, where Kornaros was born. In this village alone, a different tune is used to sing the text. 

I was introduced to this piece by the great master musician Ross Daly, who explained its rhythmic disparity to other Cretan song-types by its potential Tunisian Sefarad source.