Nick Roth Music

Water Project I-II (2011)

for open instrumentation and water


The Water Project I - II is a work in two consecutive movements.
In Part I, the performer(s) must form a singular gesture that increases uniformly in dynamic and intensity throughout the movement. The performer(s) is invited to visualise the formation of a single droplet of water, increasing in volume at a constant rate until the weight of the droplet exceeds its adhesive potential and causes it to fall.
The fall of the droplet delineates the transition from Part I to Part II.
In Part II, the performer(s) must begin with a multitude of individual gestures or events that form a cloud or shower of sound and gradually decrease the frequency and intensity of these events throughout. The work concludes with isolated gestures and silence.
Parts I-II can last any duration, but they should be of equal length. 
With the exception of water as a primary sound-source, instrumentation is unspecified and is at the discretion of the perfomer(s).