Nick Roth Music

LakeCycle (2013)

for piano and aquarium

In the live realisation of LakeCycle, the percussionist(s) must perform six processes, as described in the Percussion Key.

These processes are: Filling, Horizontal pour at 45º, Vertical pour at 90º, Rest, Drip and Lateral movement. Four of these processes take place in two sub-cycles.

The score read by the pianist(s) is the waterline visible on the front-facing panel of the aquarium (formed and continuously affected by the actions of the percussionist) as a horizontal analogue of the 88 keys on the piano keyboard with movement on the left-hand side of the tank equivalent to depressions of the keys in the bass register and movement on the right-hand side activity in the upper register of the instrument.

The performers are requested to face the impossible with accuracy, virtuosity and musicality.

The work was premièred by Kirkos Ensemble (Máire Carroll and Sebastian Adams) at FluxFest on October 15th 2016.