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ReDiviDeR is an improvising quartet formed in 2007 by drummer Matthew Jacobson as a creative outlet for his own compositions and perverse fascination with anagrams.


“Jacobson's compositions are like fine sketches around which the musicians add their own bold colors, seeking collective form and harmony…but it's also highly disciplined, and embraces hooks, melody and quite refined harmony and counterpoint. This is free jazz which grooves and sings. An impressive debut, ReDiviDeR's stirring and original music marks it out as a band to watch out for.”         

Ian Patterson, All About Jazz


"Rarely compositions in the traditional sense, they provide rugged landscapes for the group to explore...and with open minds and considerable technical aplomb, the group do just that.”          

The Irish Times


"between cerebral and groove"  

Live Review, The Wire

"…drummer/leader Matthew Jacobson is a European jazz artist of growing charisma. [Tim] Berne and Jim Black  fans,  among  others,  will  feel  at  home  with  this  variously  melodious  and  unswervingly  exploratory music.” 

John Fordham, The Guardian