Nick Roth Music

Unreal Cities

Unreal Cities is a multi-disciplinary arts project, founded by Adrian Dunbar and Nick Roth.

Unreal Cities follow an ethos centred on the power of three, with each work the meeting point of three disciplines. As in William Burroughs' and Brion Gysin's The Third Mind, it is the inclusion of an other that advances the work.

Previous work includes T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land (2015), Seamus Heaney's Seeing Things (2019), curating the Beckett: Confined Festival at the Liverpool Institute of Irish Studies (2022), and with performances at the Hay Festival and the Biblioteca Alexandrina.

In 2024 Unreal Cities present Beckett: Unbound in Liverpool / Paris, the second edition of their Beckett Biennale programme of theatre, dance, music, film, photography and discussion. The full programme will be announced on March 1st 2024.