Nick Roth Music


Panos Ghikas (violin/viola/bass/unreal-time interface)

Pavlos Antoniadis (piano, motion followers)

Nick Roth (non-virtual, infra-augmented saxophonic objects) 

Luis Tabuenca (percussion)


Developing an initial parallel co-investigation into a concept for group improvisation/composition, Unrealtime Group create longform works (Azomans) based on Panos Ghikas’ Unreal-time improv concept and Pavlos Antoniadis’ concept of Embodied Navigation of Complex Notation.

The former approaches improvisation and composition as interchangeable and complementary strands of music-making through audio timeline navigation; the latter explores a similar fluidity between the realms of gesture, notation and sound in piano performance.

Drawing from the performance design for a piece by Antoniadis and Ghikas (Toxic Gum, Berlin, May 2017) and the fixed/unfixed works generated by the Ghikas-Roth and Ghikas-Tabuenca duos, Unrealtime Group integrates four performers in a nexus of interfaces enabling complex group interaction.